Ska nu gå tillbaka igen till 2012. I september hade jag en stor workshop genom Scottich Potters Assossiation här i min verkstad. Vi var 25 personer från överallt. Det var nog det roligaste och jobbigaste jag har gjort här. Otroligt mycket planerande men fantastiskt roligt att se så många människor intresserade och positiva här. Pit firing är en rolig teknik att jobba med. Hoppas bilderna visar det. Molly Prier reste från California hit för att undervisa oss i denna konst. Det var en ära att få ha henne här och en ära att få vara värdinna för en sån bra kurs! Tack till alla inblandade!
I shall now go back in time again. To 2012. In September I was hosting a big workshop through Scottish Potters Assossiation in my workshop. I could sqeeze in 25 lovely people from all over. It was the most fun and the most hard work I have ever done here. Incredible amount of planning but amazing to see so many potters interested and with a positive mind. Pit firing is a interesting tecnique to work with and I hope the pictures show that. Molly Prier travelled all the way from California to teach us in the art of pitfiring. It was an honour to have her here and an honour to host such a brilliant event!Big thanks to everybody involved!
Carol Molly Prior
Lots of the wonderful crowd, polishing away.
Deep concentration! One from Australia and the other from Sweden!
Pots needs to dry fast on a short workshop! In front of the wood pellet burner!
Pots stacked on to of sawdust and sprinkled with seaweed.
A bit of seawead, a bit of cupper carb. a bit of sheep poo, a bit of  wood and then FIRE!
Molly was very firm when she told us to WAIT until all was burnt down proprely until we could rootle un the ashes. I can't remember anything being so difficult!
The result was stunning! I think and hope everybody was happy with their things.
Before the workhop we luckely also had time to show Molly who comes from dry California what a proper Scottish forest look like. I think she enjoyed. Her she is with Jill (Swedish) and lovely Rike (German girl who helped out here before and during the workshop, couldn't have done it without her! Thank you Rike!)



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